201 8th Street Baraboo, Wisconsin

Breakfast Menu

The breakfasts at Ringling House are of the highest quality and of the best local organic ingredients, when organic/local is available.  We pride ourselves with unique recipes and being able to meet a guests dietary needs.   We serve our breakfast at Henry Ringlings dining room table, the second Ringling brother to own this house. 

We have two styles of breakfast menu, one for a sweet main course, and another for a savory main course.  Both styles will include lemon water, tea, coffee with cream/flavored creamers, granola, milk, 3 types of juices, breads, english muffins, and bagels with butter, jelly and jam, fruit or fruit salad, yogurt, sweet bread, scones or muffins, and cookies.

  • A savory breakfast will also include oatmeal or hot cereal with fruit, nuts, and sugar.
  • A sweet breakfast will include hard boiled eggs, and a side of sausage, ham or bacon.


Below, you will find pictures of our actual breakfast items.  Click on any photo below to see it larger.

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