201 8th Street Baraboo, Wisconsin

Your Innkeepers

Julie Hearley and Stuart Koehler are engaged to be married, and somehow this year, between starting a new business, working, and getting to know our neighbors and guests, we will find the time to get married! Julie was a computer programmer for over 25 years, is a musician, loves to cook, garden, and has event planning experience. Stuart has been a manager for over 35 years, with property, operations, and business management experience. He has an MBA, has written a book, and has experience running several different businesses in his lifetime.  We have also have a cat that we share named “Cinnamon”.

After several setbacks in this unstable economy, we decided to take charge of our lives, use all of our talents, and do something special!  After finding this beautiful historic home, we then developed the idea of transforming this former single-family home into an exquisite bed and breakfast. It has the perfect combination of all of our interests: history, cooking, hospitality, parties, socializing, music, gardening, writing, and events.  Fortunately, we have had the overwhelming support of our family and friends, who also have been helping us with this gigantic and sometimes overwhelming endeavor. With this help, along with local craftsmen and contractors, we have finally gotten it to a point where we can share it with you, our guests! This house has been a single family home for over 100 years, and now is open for you to explore! Please join in our hospitality!

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