The Top Five Devil’s Lake Trails to Hit this Summer

If you’ve yet to hike the Devil’s Lake trails, which climb majestic stone bluffs, weave around unique rock formations, and skirt the edges of the lake’s glassy waters, this summer is your time! Devil’s Lake State Park is the most visited park in Wisconsin, and with good reason—there are so many lovely trails, ways to get out on the water, and birdwatching and educational opportunities.  

One of the most popular Devil’s Lake Trails is the East Bluff Trail and is also known as one of the busiest routes. This trek offers some of the most spectacular views and overlooks, including Devil’s Doorway, a world-renowned rock climbing destination. For those who may be heading to the park for a leisurely walk, one of the best Devil’s Lake Trails is the Grotto: a wide, easy-going, compacted travel path along the base of the south end of the East Bluff connecting Balanced Rock Trail, Potholes Trail, and the CCC Trails.

Devil’s Lake State Park also features extensive picnic areas and a nature center, which make it a popular destination for day trips and longer stays. The combination of spectacular natural scenery and well-maintained facilities draws visitors from all over the region, particularly during the warmer months when the park’s full beauty can be appreciated. And while there are camping options at the park, why not choose a warm and elegant room at our nearby Baraboo bed and breakfast as your base camp? You’ll have a comfortable bed, a beautiful en suite, and welcoming hospitality for your evenings to reset and refresh. Book your room today! 

Devil's Lake Trails near our Baraboo bed and breakfast, photo of the famed rock formation at this Wisconsin State Park

Devil's Lake Trails near our Baraboo bed and breakfast

Devil’s Lake State Park, located near Baraboo, Wisconsin, is the largest in Wisconsin and one of its most famous natural attractions. Known for its stunning 500-foot quartzite bluffs and a 360-acre lake, the park offers many outdoor activities, including swimming, fishing, rock climbing, and boating.

When it comes to hiking, Devil’s Lake State Park is particularly renowned for its trails, which offer breathtaking views and varying levels of difficulty to accommodate both novice hikers and experienced adventurers. There are 29 miles of Devil’s Lake Trails to explore, with a designated mountain biking trail as well. Here are some of the best hiking trails in the park:

  1. Tumbled Rocks Trail: One of the more accessible options is a 1.7-mile trail running along the western shore of Devil’s Lake. It’s relatively flat and offers fantastic lake views against the backdrop of the surrounding bluffs.
  2. East Bluff Trail: This trail is more challenging and covers about 1.7 miles one way. It takes hikers up the eastern bluffs of the lake, providing panoramic views and passing through areas filled with interesting rock formations, including the famous Devil’s Doorway.
  3. West Bluff Trail: Similar to the challenge of the East Bluff Trail, this path is approximately 3.4 miles round trip. It climbs the western bluff and offers equally stunning views, particularly of the lake and the eastern bluff. It connects with several other trails, allowing for longer hikes.
  4. Balanced Rock Trail: This steep and challenging trail is known for its iconic Balanced Rock feature. It’s about 0.4 miles one way but quite steep, making it a more strenuous hike. The views from the trail are some of the best in the park.
  5. Devil’s Doorway Trail: This short but scenic trail leads to one of the park’s most well-known rock formations, the Devil’s Doorway. It provides excellent opportunities for photography and is often combined with other trails for a longer hike.


Of course, there’s more than just hiking at this lovely park; for those who enjoy kayaking or paddleboarding, you’ll love heading out on the calm lake. They don’t allow motor boats on the lake, so you’ll be guaranteed a peaceful boating experience. On a sunny day, there’s no better place to relax than one of the two sandy beach areas and picnic tables with beautiful water views. 

Devil's Lake Trails near our Baraboo bed and breakfast, photo of the famed rock formation at this Wisconsin State Park

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