8 Great Things to Do at Devil’s Lake State Park This Fall

At 9,217 acres, Devil’s Lake State Park is the most sizable state park in Wisconsin, and “sizable” also perfectly describes the range of things you can see and do in this stunningly scenic year-round recreation destination. You can enjoy lakeshore picnic areas, sandy beaches, bird watching, rock climbing, boating, hiking into backcountry solitude, and much more.

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8 Great Ways to Enjoy a Day at Devil’s Lake State Park

Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy this treasure in our Wisconsin backyard:

  1. Hiking. With 29 miles of trails, including some spectacularly scenic stretches of the National Ice Age Trail, you’ll find a variety of challenges and variations of elevation that make for a visually varied but always compelling experience. Enjoy the park’s steep bluffs and sheer cliffs — but don’t get too close to the edges. Especially recommended are the East Bluff Trail and the Tumbled Rocks Trail. (During hunting seasons, be sure to wear blaze orange when entering permitted hunting zones in the park.)
  2. Photography. Whether you’re taking in blazes of late fall color, capturing the shivery autumnal desolation of the lake surface or searching out high points for spectacular panoramic images, you and your camera will find Devils’ Lake State Park a can’t-miss proposition. Here’s one photographer’s suggestion, with a map, pinned locations — and, of course, plenty of images.Visiting Devils' Lake State Park is a must-do for visitors to Baraboo, Wisconsin.
  3. Rock climbing and bouldering. Devil’s Lake State Park offers some of the best opportunities for both in the Midwest, as its sheer quartzite cliffs and rock formations are gorgeously representative of the Driftless Region, left unflattened by ancient glacial action throughout the Midwest. Here’s a guide to locations and resources.
  4. Boating, canoeing and kayaking. While gas motors are not allowed on Devil’s Lake, there’s plenty of paddling opportunities, with boat launches at both ends of the lake and on-site rentals available.
  5. Fishing. The state stocks Devil’s Lake with brown trout, walleye and Northern pike, among other fish. You need not even be in a boat, as the south-end launch areas offers room for fishing from shore. Don’t forget your Wisconsin fishing license.
  6. Birdwatching and wildlife viewing. Devil’s Lake State Park is home to about 38 species of mammals, 115 species of birds, and many species of amphibians and reptiles (including timber rattlesnakes), and the chances are good that you’ll spot something interesting at least through the lens of binoculars or a telephoto camera lens.
  7. Hunting and trapping. More than 6,400 acres of Devil’s Lake State Park are open to these pursuits. Here’s where it’s allowed, and here’s what you need to know about getting a license and tracking the assorted hunting seasons.
  8. Snowshoeing. Should you arrive at Devil’s Lake State Park in time for a fall flurry, you’ll find many — but not all — hiking trails in the park are well-suited to this pursuit. You can even borrow snowshoes for free if you need.

Where to Stay for Your Outings to Devil’s Lake State Park

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