The Best Birdwatching Near our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast

On any trip out to the Baraboo area of Wisconsin, exploring the natural beauty of this part of the country is a must. Birdwatching is a wonderful way to feel like a part of nature, not to mention, it’s a quiet, relaxing and calming pastime out in the fresh air. And we can all use a little bit more of that in our lives these days.

According to the Audubon Society, Wisconsin is a great birding state due to its forests, wetlands and lake shorelines. Baraboo Hills is known as a birdwatching hotspot due to the hardwood forests that grow around ancient rock formations. This is the perfect landscape for safe nesting. Many varieties of Warblers, Cuckoos and Woodpeckers call the area home, and if you’re super lucky you might catch sight of a Peregrine Falcon.

Our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast is only 10 minutes from Devil’s Lake State Park, a very popular birdwatching destination. More than 100 species of birds nest in the park and during migration season that number goes up immensely. We’re also in the vicinity to many other main birdwatching areas—this guarantees some successful sightings and nature outings when you stay at our Wisconsin Inn. Start planning and book with us today!

birdwatching in Wisconsin

Find the Best Birdwatching near our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast

Springtime is a wonderful time to spend a day outdoors in the Baraboo Hills. What better way than geared up with a pair of binoculars, hiking boots and your birding notebook. Take in the sound of birdsong while breathing in the fresh forest air of the  midwest. Here are some of the best birdwatching parks and natural areas nearby our Ringling House Bed and Breakfast:

  • Devil’s Lake State Park: It just so happens that Devil’s Lake State Park is one of the most visited recreation areas in Wisconsin, with more than 3 million guests per year. Most likely due to the fact that the surrounding forests of Devil’s Lake are rich with beautiful wildlife and unique hiking opportunities. Thankfully, our Baraboo Bed and Breakfast is only 10 minutes from all of the adventure at this state park.
  • Devil’s Nose State Natural Area: This is the Southern area within Devil’s Lake State Park that’s particularly dense and populated with rare plant and bird species alike. It’s a lovely place to see a gorge cut into Baraboo quartzite, the region’s own variety of quartz showing off uncommon colors.
  • Baxter’s Hollow State Natural Area: You’ll find much of the same flora and fauna at this natural area just west of Devil’s Lake State Park. This natural area is a scenic 20 minute drive from our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast and it hosts a stunning gorge of quartzite and the clear, cold water of Otter Creek.
  • Sauk Prairie Recreation Area: The Great Sauk State Trail cuts through this recreation area that was once home to a designated Army ammunitions plant. There’s a museum on the grounds and it’s a good spot to search for the majestic Bald Eagle.
  • Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area: Also within the boundaries of Devil’s Lake State Park, this outlying nature area is known for its narrow, rocky sandstone walls covered in mossy green. Waterfalls, possible rare bird sightings and interesting geological structures make for exciting exploration here.
  • Mirror Lake State Park: Only about 15 minutes North of our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast, this 2,200 acre park has an abundance of outdoor activities. The calm, reflective lake is a popular canoeing, kayaking and swimming spot. There are just under 20 miles of hiking trails perfect for a quiet afternoon of birdwatching.

birdwatching in Wisconsin

Experience Historic Luxury Lodging at Our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast

Spending a day birdwatching out at Devil’s Lake State Park (or any of the other nearby nature areas) is a lovely way to spend a day outdoors. When it’s time to retire indoors, our Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast is the best place to sit back and relax by the fire in our library or music room. The antique decor and architecture of the Inn transport you back to the early 1900s and you’ll be taken by the stories of the circus and people who made it famous.

During this current time in history, staying at smaller, family-owned lodging feels safer, due to the ability to control our surroundings and the number of people we come into contact with. Luckily, our Wisconsin Inn offers 6 amazing guest suites, all with a rich historic backstory and lovely, updated amenities. Each room gives guests a unique glimpse into the past of the Ringling Family, while surrounded by the creature comforts we all love. Book your room at our Wisconsin B&B today! 


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